Nice New Condos at 12th and Harvard

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These seem like these will be pretty badass. Two condos in one row house, nice. How do you think the house is divided into two condos? Does one get the basement and the first floor and the other the top two floors? I’m really stumped, I think I’ll just have to go inside and check it out.

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  • There rowhouse split condos are the bane of shaw, ledroit park and bloomingdale. they take advantage of zoning laws originally intended to allow you to rent your basement. typically they cut the house vertically into 2 2-story units, often adding a crappy siding-covered pop top to the top that is completely out of character with the neighborhood. twice as many residents also means twice as many cars parked on the streets. Yuck.

  • wonder why there are three electric meters

  • Looking at the pic again, seems that it’s just *space* for three meters. Perhaps only two will be installed?

    I always wonder why they have to mount those things in such an unattractive location/position. I understand the meter-reader needs to get to them, but isn’t there some in between ground?

  • There will be three meters because the third will be for the common areas – usually just a few lights.

    I have toured these units. Unit A will have the basement and first floor and Unit B will have the second and third floors. I think they excavated the basement down a foot or so to give higher ceilings…

    The bathrooms are going to be spectacular but the plan for the kitchens was pretty dull. The original asking price was somwhere between 7 and 800,000 each.

  • 700-800k? Why not buy the whole rowhouse?

  • Hey PoP,

    I don’t know what a “codo” is… but it sounds expensive.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks Fonzy, fixed it.

  • eric — I have to disagree with you, at least partially. I *do* agree that hideous additions to the houses are fugly and unfortunate when they’re done, but I think turning these old rowhouses into condos isn’t always such a bad idea. I used to live in a four story rowhouse in Columbia Heights that was turned into four condos, and I thought it was fantastic to be living in such a beautiful place that kept the character of the original building, and not in the hideous, bland, new pink brick 15-condo building next door. Not to mention how nice it was to really get to know my neighbors in the building, since there so few of us. When you can’t afford an entire giant rowhouse, this is a great alternative.

    Though as Criss said, I do tend to think they get way overpriced.

  • they can be done well but they are often done extremely shoddily by developers who are looking to make a buck. i’ve watched the construction process in numerous buildings near me in ledroit park and bloomingdale and can assure you there are going to be flooded basements and cracking plaster in the future of many of these buyers. Not all, but many. But on the other hand its good to have more residents, even if it clogs up the parking situation.

  • If you do a square footage analysis of new construction, which is really what this is, an 1800 SF condo with top grade finishes, secure offstreet parking and ample outside space for 700,000 in a metro-walking accessible neighborhood in NW Washington is pretty normal. The townhouses you can purchase in the same neighborhood for that price need a few hundred thousand dollars in renovations to equal the same finish level.

  • I’m the agent for these condos and there are two. The person who posted earlier is correct about Unit 1 being the basement and 1st floor and Unit 2 being the 3rd and 4th floors. Unit 1 will have the entire backyard and Unit 2 has a great roof deck. I hope they’ll be complete soon!

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