Maybe the Warehouse Isn’t Coming to Columbia Heights…But A Belgian Inspired Restaurant Is?

I noticed on the Columbia Heights News Forum that one commenter claims that the Bi-rite on 11th and Park is going to become:

“1st Floor – Meridian Point, a Belgian-inspired restaurant, with comfort food, lots of beers on tap, and wifi.

2nd Floor – all office space, both for 3DG’s own offices and Solimar International, an ecotourism company. ”

Has anyone else heard about this? Is the Warehouse definitely not coming to CH any longer?

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  • The Warehouse is definitely not coming (at least it seems very clear from comments in other posts in the CH News forum).

    The Belgian place sounds great: I hope they have some great thick crunchy greasy frittes.. mm.. with mayo.. double mmm! 😀

  • It’s a done deal. Sadly, the Ruppert’s are looking elsewhere.

  • What is with all the Belgain styled stuff these days? Am I completely out of touch? I don’t think the beer is as good as the hype and the food is not that great as well. Fads tend to collapse…what will happen to these restaturants when that happens.

  • The beer is better than the hype.

  • Lots of people are passionate about Belgian beer. Personally, it doesn’t do much at all for me, and I am a bit of a beer snob. There is definitely a market for Belgian places…all of them that I can think of in DC are doing very well. Cafe Belga, Brasserie Beck, etc.

    Belgian food is awesome.

  • The problem with things that are hyped like that, is that they usually fall by the way side as soon as the next fad comes along. That will happen with both the beer and the restataurants – it always does when you have too much of a good thing.

  • Belgian beer is as much “hype” as BBQ ribs – it’s just something that is awesome and will always be awesome – no matter if its on the tips of people tounges or not.

    Having more places specializing in Belgian beer is not as much a reflection of some new found popularity but perhaps a new found sophistication.

  • The beer you drink doesn’t make you sophisticated. If you like Belgian beer that’s fine, but I will bet a dollar that 3/4s of these Belgian restaurants are out of buiness in a year or two. Manhattan ran through a trend of French style bistros in the late 90s early 2000s. Few are left. For now these beers and food are hot, but they will be supplanted by the next big that and/or destroyed by over production to meet overhyped demand. Seems good things often get ruined that way.

  • Warehouse is not moving to Bi-Rite. They are continuing to look at spaces in the area though.

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