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  • I’ve been calling the “North Country” NOPE for a long time now – NOrth PEtworth.
    SOPE is South Petworth. The dividing line is somewhere around Upshur or Allison IMHO.

    Looking Glass? That’s so SOPE.
    Moroni’s? A fine NOPE establishment.

    Manny and Olga, welcome to NOPE.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That’s awesome. I usually don’t like names like that but NOPE and SOPE I kind of dig. What do others think? I may have to make this a seperate post…

  • great news for us in NOPE….speaking of Moroni’s, had the DIAVOLO pizza this weekend, a-ma-zing. The crust was fabulous.

  • Moroni’s is da-bomb! There is a new high end looking restaurant called The Meridian that opened this weekend at Missouri and Georgia (in NOPE) – anyone try it?

  • i tried to go to meridian on thursday, but it was only for special invites….i plan to try it out this week. i was only in there for a second, but i got a good vibe…the place is decorated pretty nice. im excited about this new addition. if anyone’s had the food…let us know how it is!!

  • I’m with Prince: usually, smarmy neighborhood nicknames get on my nerves, but mostly they’re created by developers trying to sell retail & office-space, right? Thus, SOPE and NOPE are by the people. For the people. Most awesome.

    I’m tempted to coin a new one, which could represent the neighborhood where my wife & I bought our place. Technically it’s Park View, but you could call it CHIRTO: Columbia Heights In Realtor Terms Only.

  • Holy crap- that can spawn a whole new slew of “IRTO” neighborhoods…. I love it!

  • I was very distraught/confused yesterday to discover that despite my close proximity to petworth proper I officially reside in the SE netheregions of 16th Street Heights. As a transplant to the district from rural VA I cut my tooth in SOPE & CH watering holes such as Wonderland, Temperance (Looking Glass), & Derby… thus, as a resident of the western stretch of Shepherd Road I’m officially initiating the secession of my corner in favor of establishing: Shepworth – A dilapidated kingdom on the hill; Our motto shall be: semper nusquam esse, our mascot ‘Norman’ the obesely regal street rat.

    Acronyms aside: Viva Norman, Viva Shepworth …viva manny & olgas inclusive delivery radius.

  • 3 good pizza joints (Red Rocks, Moroni’s & Manny and Olgas), high class Meridian, ubercool Looking Glass and Domku, cozy Flip-It and high end condos, lofts and countless renovated houses…all within 2 blocks of GA Ave!!

    Who would have thunk it last year???

  • Every time I’ve used that, NOPE, I get a great laugh. And I think that’s the way it should be. GO NOPE. Maybe someday we can have a NOPE-SOPE flag football match. Maybe MLK day is the perfect time for it. NOPE WILL KICK SOPE BOOTY JUST YOU WATCH!!!

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