Loftstel Not A Giving A Good First Impression

behind-loftstel, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending me this photo. As you can see there are a number of trash bags piled in the back alley behind the Loftstel. Clearly they are not in a proper receptacle which is just asking for rodents of all kinds. C’mon Loftstel you have to be a better neighbor than this…

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  • i’d knock on the door and ask them this, might as well nip it in the bud with some friendly neighborhood advice…instead of assuming they’re going to read it on the blog

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Wait, they don’t read this blog? Now, I really hate them. But seriously, a reader sent me this photo, they live a bit aways from me. I do appreciate the friendly advice. But isn’t it kind of known that you can’t just throw bags of garbage in an alley?

  • you’d think, but maybe these people are from out of town and don’t know any better?

  • It’s also possible that someone just pulled into the alley & and dumped the bags there – i.e. could have been a case of illegal dumping.

  • Plenty of people that have lived in Petworth for years and years throw their trash in the alley all the time, it’s not just an out of town thing.

  • hmm, I think i was in my house for 6 weeks before i could get the city to deliver my supercan (some big process to prove the cans had been stolen) so just lucky for me PoP wasn’t around then or I’d have been on the blog 😉

    I walked by the Loftstel the other night – it looked nice, but there’s no sign or anything saying it’s a hostel, thought that was kind of strange.

  • Good to know that waiting weeks for a Supercan was the norm…I’ve been waiting three weeks for mine. Fortunately there’s a vacant house down the street from me, so I am currently “borrowing” their can. Circle of life, I say.

  • I have to say, I agree with IMGoph here. Why can’t someone who lives nearby go talk to the Lofstel people, or – god forbid – just give them a call? Both about the trash issue and about whether they’ve got the proper permits from DCRA, etc. I don’t really understand this rush to villify the place and turn them in to the city, given that most hadn’t even heard of it until yesterday. Granted, this might not be the ideal use for the house, but there are a lot of options that would be much worse and it very well could’ve stayed/become an abandoned building turned crack house. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good and all that.

    re Supercans – we actually got a new one within about a week of filing an online service request, after over a year of having to wander the alley grabbing the first can that didn’t have someone else’s house number painted on it. I was completely amazed to see the new one on our front walk after hearing how long it had taken for others to get one from the city. And now that our two have the house number on them, the garbage men seem to leave them much closer to where they belong. Then again, that could be wishful thinking or maybe just a lucky couple of weeks!

  • I just sent the picture to them on their site. That should do the trick. If they can’t get a supercan, they should buy a trash can. It’s a place of business (illegal) and they should be more respectful of the neighborhood than this.

  • Just an FYI to those who may be missing supercans. Our neighbor who I’d venture to guess is chronically mentally ill walks the neighborhood and has been known to collect supercans and recycling bins. I have reported this to the city in the past – occasionally they come and clear them away. If you live within a few blocks of 5th and Allison Street and you’re missing a trash can you might want to see if one of them is yours. There’s five or six back there right now. The cans are lined up alongside the first house in the alley off of Allison St (between 5th and New Hampshire.)

  • I can tell you that Loftstel does not have the proper permits or insurance for operating a hostel in this neighborhood. Their guests pay day-to-day (night-to-night) and on average stay less than a week. You need a hotel license to operate what is essentially a hotel and our neighborhood isn’t zoned for that.

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