Living Large on 11th Street

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You know you are rolling in it when you have copper gutters. Right? Aside from looking cool, what is the functional benefit of a copper gutter? I tell you what, if I had copper gutters, I’d definitely have central air conditioning…

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  • copper gutters last FOREVER. oh, and they look cool.

    you don’t have problems with them, like you do with the tin/aluminum crap that needs replacing every so many years.

    AND, they’re not that expensive. search the net.

  • i’ve always wondered if you have to be concerned about having those copper downspouts stolen, given how willing people are to rip out copper wiring to sell as scrap these days.

  • I second the longevity factor.

  • The last long, oxidize an attractive green, and are what many original gutters on fashionable houses were constructed of pre WWII.

  • Copper oxides are toxic to mold, so you don’t get “things” livin’ in your gutters and downspouts.

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