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IMG_6362, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I’ve featured this sculpture before but I didn’t have a proper camera at the time so now you can see the details in all its glory. Is this Zeus and Athena? Maybe it’s a little over the top? I can imagine being at the garden store going to pick up some mulch and seeing this sculpture, and thinking “holy cow, that is awesome, I have to have it” and then leaving with just the mulch. I respect the hell out of the folks who followed through with this purchase. I’d love to have heard the neighbors reaction when this was first displayed.

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  • I think what makes it weird is that it’s…sitting in a big swath of dirt. I guess it’s hard to tell with the photo, but it looks like there’s absolutely nothing in this yard except for twigs and this giant sculpture. It seriously needs some landscaping, or they might have just as well thrown an old toilet out there for some character.

  • It’s the ancient Greek myth of Zeus and Europa — see his calf legs on the lower left of picture. Considering there is debate wether their relationship was consensual, this sculpture is UGH.

  • Nice Rack. Think those are real?

  • Eh, it’s a bit, well, lame. At least in that it doesn’t make Zeus “beastly” enough. Of course this could be once he transformed back into Zeus after he had stole her away to Crete to rape her, or ravish her, which ever you chose.
    I went to school at UTK and they have a balls out (literally) sculpture/fountain of this myth. Check it:

    Folks used to get ripped and crash around the fountain – or “Reel Around The Fountain”, yeah, it was the 80’s.

  • God, I hope the people that live there don’t read this blog. But yeah, total trash.

  • I think it’s possible to comment on a piece of lawn art without putting down the folks that live in the house. Please, let’s show some class.

  • It seems folks are really bored today if they have time to comment about something that is of no concern to them. LYMI!

    FYI, I like diamonds!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I have deleted some comments here because it is not fair to insult the people of the house or the people leaving comments. I hate being a censor but sometimes I have to. Thanks for understanding.

  • No silly! That was Christina who took that nasty fall. I’m startin to like that statue. It’s a nice conversation piece.

  • Well you should probably think about that before going into people’s yards, photographing their property without permission and posting those photos on a webpage open to the public.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Actually I don’t go into people’s yards. I only photograph what I see from the street or sidewalk.

  • Oh right, I’m guessing from the angle, you extended your “go go gadget” arm over the fence surrounding that yard. Brilliant! You got it doll!!

  • FYI, I’ll be posing by the statue tonight in all my glory around midnight. Come one come all.

  • I love the statue. It’s a welcoming beacon of joy when I stumble down into that den of iniquity for drinks, dancing and crudite. Green isn’t a good color on anyone! Don’t hate that this statue represents good times for all who come into contact with it!

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  • It gives a great bit of character to my block. At night, it is lit by a spotlight. Across the street, on the corner, there is a giant statue of a lioness hiding in the bushes. Love it.

  • Well this makes me want to put up a copy of the Rape of the Sabine Women on my lawn. We could be come the lawn arts district and attrack tourists!

  • im glad someone in dc is thinking about something other than work!

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