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When I first wrote about this goofy orange sign a few months back, very few commenters felt as outraged as I did. But now look at it. It is ridiculous. And why do I bring up this horrid orange sign again? Look in the background. They have now added a huge Banner sign. You can see a better picture after the jump. This must be over the line, no? Can anyone just string up huge signs over their porches? I’m not looking to live under a Totalitarian regime but we must have some rules. First it is small orange signs on the lawn, then it is huge ugly banners across the porch and quickly thereafter it is freaking anarchy. I don’t want to live under anarchy.  I guess you could flip that argument in the other direction but never mind.  So is anyone else outraged by this? Maybe outraged is a little too strong, is anyone else mildly upset by this?

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  • it’s ugly, i’ll give you that.

  • eh…
    like my father says, “buy when there’s blood in the streets”.
    those folks will make out like bandits when the economy turns around.

    everything is on sale right now….

  • This guy is following one of those real estate infomercials. He is not a professional. Rent To Own is a wonderful scam.

  • After reading your rants about the various fucked up signs around NW, I’m convinced you should get into some strange form of sign graffiti. Carry around red spray paint, and mark them up, correct their spelling mistakes, do something, anything.

  • @DCer
    Good eye on the late night informercials!!

    No, we agree. It’s ugly and it screams “scam” to anyone with half a brain.

  • @DCer
    Good eye on the late night informercials!!

    No, we agree. It’s ugly and it screams “scam” to anyone with half a brane .

  • The second the wind blows that thing onto public property (i.e. sidewalk), it’s going into a supercan in the alley.

  • i walk past this sign everyday, and it does piss me off

  • I just can’t believe that it would appeal to anyone, in terms of potential customers. Anyone at all. Heck, I love the idea of the American Dream just as much as the next person, but I think anyone in their right mind thinks “get rich quick scheme” as soon as they see this.

    And seriously, could they at LEAST get the banner on straight? How much extra time/effort would have have taken? Were the IRS agents actually chasing them down as they were affixing it??

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