I’ve Warned You, I Am Incapable of Not Photographing This Horse!

IMG_6557, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I mean, a horse on 14th Street. It just boggles my mind. Next thing you know I’ll see an ice truck…

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  • Whilst visiting Modern Liquors, I heard Jeff and another clerk commenting on the news that the police plan to build a stable for their mounts in Blagden Alley. Not sure if it’s final.

  • Next time, try to get on the horse and have someone take a pic! That would be cool.. but do not try to steal the horse.

  • My friend and I saw this horse too on our way to Asylum!! It’s name is Shamus and it looked pretty bored…

  • Shamus is one of those names that can go both ways. It’s either Irish, or in Yiddish, it means a cop. My mother would always tell my father when he was driving, “Morty, there’s a shamus”, meaning slow down so you don’t get a ticket. Plus the other meanings. But I bet this horse has the Irish name.

  • Except that in Irish Gaelic (and for that matter, in Irish English), it’s spelled Seamus.

  • Is it just me or does Seamus look like a mule? So cute. I love him.

  • I spoke with the same cop a few weeks ago. The horse is definitely named SEAMUS.

  • I’m incapable of not commenting when I see posts about this beautiful beast. I’m so glad to know his name now, and can’t wait to meet him in person some day- I’ve seen him, but never while I’m on foot. Perhaps I should start walking around with sugar cubes in my pocket…

  • re “looks like a mule…” This horse is a Belgian draft (gee, what is it with all this Belgian influence in the hood?) or at least half Belgian – the breed, like most mules, has the facial coloring that graduates to light tan at muzzle.
    Angry Parakeet,
    Former Show Official, Virginia Draft Horse and Mule Association

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