It’s Official Manny and Olga’s Pizzeria is Coming to Petworth

I had heard a rumor a while back that Manny and Olga’s was coming but I just received an official press release today. The press release says:

“Silver Spring, MD – January 8th 2008 – Manny & Olga’s Pizza Systems Inc. announced today the expansion of its newest unit in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC. With construction getting ready to begin the opening of the store is scheduled for early Summer 2008.”

Oddly it doesn’t give a location. But I do think this is a good development. I have a buddy who lives near the 14th Street location and he swears by it as a great (drunken) late night snack . I can certainly appreciate having that option closer to home.

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  • I love Manny & Olga’s. I’d like to believe that I was the reason they decided to open up a Petworth location. After too many times calling the 14th St. location and pleading with them to deliver to Petworth, but having to settle for driving over and picking up my pizza instead, they finally wisened up and opened up shop in our hood.

  • their calzones are great!

    Just don’t ever order their pasta.

  • that’s really weird – I just ate at a Manny & Olga’s pizza, but it was by Lake Gaston NC in a shopping center next to a Food Lion way out in the middle of the country. Did not strike me as a place likely to open in Petworth! The pizza was good – it’s traditional not gourmet pizza, but definitely a step above Domino’s or Pizza Hut. I saw another one, off Georgia Ave between Silver Spring and Wheaton.

  • i’m all for more business in petworth, but i hope this doesn’t impact moroni brothers, who have the most awesome pizza ever!!! they got their beer license recently. plus they’re delivering now. (not beer though).

  • There’s such a fundemental difference between Moroni style pizza and manny & olga’s style pizza. To me, they are completely different genres. When I’m hungry for quality, I get Moroni. When I want to have a few too many beers and regret how much I ate the next morning, I go to Manny & Olga’s. They should co-exist just fine.

  • any guesses on where they’re going to be located and when they’re going to open?

  • Sveiks is right. Pizza for a wine kinda night: Moroni. Pizza for a beer kinda night: Manny and Olga’s.

    FWIW, we’ve had no problem getting either delivered since we moved into our place at Quincy & Kansas in the first week of November. I realize that we’re further south than most in Petworth (legally, i don’t think we’re even physically within Petworth though if asked we’d proudly proclaim ourselves Petworthians rather than SixteenthStreetHeighthians), but I don’t think there’s any doubt that the volume of calls from up North prompted this gift from Jebus.

  • Cameron – you are at THE south end of Petworth – Spring Road is the souther boundary of the neighborhood. If you were just south of 13th and Spring, you would be in Columbia Heights.

  • Thanks, saf. I hope you’re right.

    The sources of my confusion are here and here.

    These two maps pretty clearly show Georgia Ave as the western boundary of Petworth and 16th Street Heights jutting over to include everything north of Spring. But, then again, it is Wikipedia.

  • I suppose neighborhood boundaries could have morphed over the years, but when the subdivision of Petworth was laid out in 1889, the southern/SE boundary was Rock Creek Church Road, the western boundary was Georgia Ave (also called 7th Street Extended and for a while Brightwood Avenue), the northern boundary was Hamilton (both sides of the street) and the eastern edge was jaggedy, partially because of the cemetery. So Quincy and Kansas would be in what was officially North Columbia Heights, subdivided in 1901, but now people might just call it Columbia Heights.

  • And, for the sake of discussion, the map of Columbia Heights is here.

  • hey Susan is that food lion near Eaton’s Ferry Bridge 🙂

    My dad has a place out there just accross the NC boarder on Rt903

  • Thanks for the map. I’ve got the 1892 map of Petworth and will try to get it up somewhere as well.

  • mjbrox – Eaton’s Ferry…yes, that’s the one! I grew up in NC …I have spent a LOT of time on I-85 heading between DC and NC. I’d never stopped at Lake Gaston before but rented a house there for New Year’s…it’s beautiful there and way in the country so a nice change from DC!

  • DJ, thanks. I’m especially intrigued by older maps of the area.

    FYI, I’m pretty sure you can link directly to an individual picture in flickr (or the like) by using the link listed when you a) right-click the photo and b) select “properties.” (If that makes any sense.)

  • I can confirm the “North Columbia Heights” neighborhood thing- our house is on Kansas, north of Spring, and on the official city plot that section of neighborhood is “NCH”. Petworth apparently “officially” starts at Georgia Ave.

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