I Went To The New Meridian Restaurant in Brightwood…

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and it was closed. Sadly, Meridian will not be open for brunch until Feb. 24th. Thought I share the news so you don’t make the same mistake I did. However, I was able to take some photos through the glass and the place looks unbelievably nice and upscale. A very huge score for Brightwood, I’d say. Check out some half decent photos of the inside after the jump.

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  • We went by on January 17 and the owner said that they would be open on the 19th? Are they open for dinner yet?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yes, they are absolutely open for dinner.

  • Took the wife on the 26th. Good, but they still have some kinks to work out. New restaurant and all . . .

    FYI – they are offering restaurant week prices through the end of the month, which gives you a couple more days, I guess.

  • Wife and I went and had a great meal. The place was packed with a very upscale crowd. I still can’t believe there is a place like this on the GA.. That corner is going to be hot when they build the new retail and dining center across the street on the Curtis Chevorlet lot. Long live upper GA…!

  • Had dinner there on Sat night. It was pretty good! I never saw or heard any mention of Restaurant Week prices and our check came to about $60 per person ( we each had an appetizer, main course , couple of cocktails, and shared a dessert between us). Service was spotty but very amicable and warm. I’m sure that will improve as it was only second night open. Biggest disappointment was the cocktails which were big, but weak, and the wines which had uneven pricing and seemed on the high side. We were able to talk to the owner and the chef, both very nice guys who are understandably excited about this place which I definitely plan on returning to. They plan on offering brunch starting later in February and hope to have a rooftop patio open on the building next door by the time summer rolls around! Yay!

  • Thanks for the info. I tried to take my family there a few weeks back for brunch but they weren’t open (despite what the web site suggested) anywho…I am definitly planning to check them out. Did anyone notice if they had high chairs?

  • Meridian Fan, what’s the plan for the old Curtis Chevrolet lot? I haven’t heard anything about it being redeveloped, but a retail and dining center sounds like just what we need.

  • i read that they are going to do an apt bldg with retail on the first floor. it’s the same people that did the downtown silver spring development. fingers crossed for some nice additions like meridian….

  • Good question, leeindc, about the high chairs. I actually e-mailed an address on the restaurant’s website, asking that very question, but didn’t get a response. If anyone finds out, please report back here!

  • A good friend of mine just started working there. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 6 – 11 PM. Sunday brunch will be starting in March, no high chairs yet, but will be coming when they open sunday brunch.

    Parking just opened up in the curtis chevrolet lot.

    Drink suggestions: pomegranate Manhattan drink.

  • It seems like everyone who reads this blog loves $60 meals.

  • This is Lola and Lilia and we love the Meridian. It has great food and amazing drinks. The chef Micheal came out to meet us when we dined there and his gumbo tastes just like New Oreleans Gumbo. The Coffee glazed chicken is amazing and has great side dishes. They also have the best bread platters ever. The ceaser salad is served in a cool way and the owners are friendly. I highly reccomend this restaurant!

  • hey im micah the owners daughter any questions directed 2 me please!

  • they ordered a lot of food, maybe 60 dolars is a resonalbe price for what they ordered, and just cuz u cant afford that doesnt meen others cant, i went there and they have a wide range of prices fro meals, and most everthing i had was delicious.

  • I went to Meridian last week and my meal was absolutely delicious and I thought everything was reasonable. The soul food special (tasty ribs) was off-the-hook! They are going to be open for brunch starting this Sunday. I’ll definitely be there! If you haven’t already done so, you should definitely make plans to check it out.

  • I went there for Bruch on March 16th. Excellent food, we had the french toast, waffles and catfish (not all on one plate :)). We brought our 4 kids. They do have high chairs.
    I had the shrimp and grits last Wed. Pricey but well prepared and tasted great.

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