I Can Almost Smell the Ammonia Just Looking at the Photo

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This has got to be one of the most depressing looking schools I’ve ever seen from the outside. It’s looks like a defunct factory or something. I think the powers that be from the school should authorize some murals for the walls to at least give it a modicum of humanity. Maybe it’s nice on the inside…

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  • This school isn’t far from where I live. I’ve driven past it before and every time I wonder what’s up with it, but I forget to look into it. So thanks for reminding me. It looks like it is, or once was, a school for children with emotional disturbances. I can’t tell from Google if it’s still open. But that may be where the institutional look comes from.

  • Its not open anymore, but its being restored. Not to be a school again, though. Not exactly, anyway.

  • I hope they keep the name.

  • Meade Senior High has a similar bunker-like appearance. Pretty damned creepy.

  • It’s not a converted factory – that site used to be “The Hebrew Home for the Aged.” I can’t find info on if a new building was built when DCPS and DMH took it over or not.

  • Ok, you hate modernism, fine, doesn’t make you right any more than if you hated heavy metal.

  • thats in my hood

  • I swear they do everything they can to make the schools look like prisons. So depressing!

  • The above site is too new to have been the Hebrew Home For the Aged back (way back) in the day. Unless a newish facade had been added to the building. But one of the first or second buildings on the north side of Spring Street was the old Jewish Social Services Buildings. Anyway, I didn’t know that Paul Robeson had been closed. It was/is a DCPS facility for emotionally disturbed children who cannot be taught in their neighborhood schools due to the severity of their disability. I knew someone who student taught there a few years ago. To be found to be ED in DCPS usually means there has been some serious issues in a kid’s life.

  • The Hebrew Home was the couple of buildings farther west on Spring – previously housed the DC Immunizations Department and something for the Dept of Mental Health. You can still read the inscriptions on the building, IIRC.

    Not sure what the school [pictured] is/was, though.

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