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The bodega (yeah, I said bodega) across the street from the Petworth metro has Ethiopian Wine for sale. Has anyone bought some? I’m definitely going to check it out. So for a bonus point in what modern day country was wine first made? The answer to that question is one of the few remaining details I can recall from college wine tasting class. God bless Miami University, Ohio for offering that course!

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  • Ethiopian wine is usually called tej/honey wine. I’d try some before committing to a bottle…it’s like mead, and possibly an acquired taste. I’ve had it in Ethiopian restaurants but don’t love it.

    I’ve always heard that wine origins are from Mesopotamia somewhere (Turkey/Egypt/Iran, depending on who you talk to) and that people came about it by spoiling grapes accidentally, but don’t know for sure.

  • Try a glass of Tej when you are at an Ethiopian restaurant some time. It’s somewhat sweet, I actually like it quite a bit with the food, but wouldn’t really think of drinking it in place of “conventional” wine.

  • To my knowledge (and lets face it I

  • Prince Of Petworth

    That is correct! Georgia is the right answer. Well done!

  • Only douche bags use the word bodega for the corner store.

  • I never referred to PoP as a douche bag for using the word bodega. My problem with the word is that I just don’t know if it means little grocery store, mom and pop corner market, does it specifically sell liquor, etc. And please don’t tell me to go learn Spanish, because I already speak it fluently on a daily basis. Let me stop ranting. So yeah, glad to see that Georgia (and we’re so smart here we know it’s referring to one of the former republics of the USSR, now an independent state) first started making wine. And did you know that most Georgians have last names ending in -vili??

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