How Many Wind Chimes Do You Have To Have, Before You Admit You Have A Problem?

IMG_6544, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Look, I can stop putting up wind chimes anytime I want. I just happen to like the soothing sound of chimes crashing into one another on windy evening. So is that so wrong? Alright, I don’t like to judge but isn’t it well known that one is generally not supposed to display more than three wind chimes at a time? Isn’t that in a statute somewhere?

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  • TheNeighbor

    If this person lived next to me, they would wake up the next morning after a windy night and find all their chimes had been taped up in the middle of the night. Ok, maybe not….but I would have thought about doing it!!!

  • Hmmm…. second post in a row where you state “I don’t like to judge”. Methinks thou dost protest too much, sir.

  • I see it as a collection. Some people collect blue and white pottery and display them all on the mantel. Others collect wind chimes and display them all on the porch.

  • Speaking of chimes, what happened to old-fashioned church bells? I hardly ever hear them around here anymore.

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