House of the Day Pop Up Edition

IMG_6510, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is a perfectly nice house on its own but you can see in the background that they were able to tastefully hide a pop up. So what do you think, is this a well hidden pop up or an eyesore?

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  • Tastefully hidden. Almost no one walks around looking up like you do. 🙂

  • Yeah, I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out in the photo.

  • but think about the view from those windows….it’s that pointy thing like a few inches away. maybe it was a weird choice to put windows overlooking the pointy thing?

  • I used to live on that block! That house has been uninhabited for at least four years, and the work has been progressing very slowly. From my limited understanding they didn’t have the proper permits for the pop-up and a number of other improvements and so they’ve received a number of stop work orders. I wonder if anyone will ever actually live there?

  • eyesore, eyesore, eyesore.

  • Well hidden.

  • How much are people paying for pop-ups? I’d love to add a master bedroom, bathroom and deck to my house, but you know, are people paying $100k? $200k?

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