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IMG_6496, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Tell me you don’t love this house. And if you don’t love this house I suggest you head straight back to Russia because this house is sick. Fantastic windows and a nice shade of blue, kind of reminds me of my summers in Odessa…

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  • *sigh* Odessa. I had a wonderful dinner there once in a restaurant that had no kidding the absolute coolest restaurant bathroom I have ever seen. Those people have a wonderful sense of style and humor. The floor was plexiglass, and about 8 inches underneath the floor was a collage.

  • This house makes me want to long for Julie Christie for a few decades, write sappy poetry, and teach my daughter to play the balalaika.

  • Love it. Kinda wished they’d left the stair and railing brown, though, so that all that gorgeous blue would be seem to be floating in space.

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