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IMG_6308, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

3103 11th St, NW – $679,000
4 Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

I think this is a phenomenal location. So, worth it or not? If not, what would be a more realistic price, assuming the inside is nice?

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  • Interestingly enough. I bumped into a young couple near this home. They paid roughly 500K for a condo right around the corner. Homes in this area are still selling at amazing prices.

  • Looks like a nice place, and the location’s good. If I remember correctly– there’s a renter-ready basement apartment included. So maybe with the income generating extra space?
    Not that I could afford it even with a slew of tenants…

  • Gorgeous looking house, at least from the outside. Hopefully it’s fully renovated and “clean” inside. Prices at least in Petworth have been going down; some houses now for under $300,000. But 2 we looked at in the mid 200s were like rats nests inside; filthy, wretched, rotten carpets left over from the 60s, leaks in ceilings in bedrooms turned into holes, just horrible plus a lot of work before you could even sleep there. People seem to being selling houses as is and they mean they will not lift a finger.

  • The prices sounds about right, without having seen the house or the location.

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