Anyone Want To Win A Free Wilco Ticket at 9:30 Club?

Wilco, originally uploaded by fusaka.

Well, I’m a huge Wilco fan and always try to catch them at the 9:30 club. They usually play a ferocious show there. So this morning a buddy of mine and I both tried to get tickets. And unbelievably we were both successful. So what that means is that I have an extra ticket to the Tuesday show. So rather than give it to one of my other friends I thought it would be fun to have a little contest over here at PoP.

So here is the contest. You are to send me your favorite photo of your favorite room/spot in your home/apt. and tell me why it is your favorite. Alternatively you can take a photo anywhere in Logan Circle, Shaw, U Street, Columbia Heights or Petworth and tell me why you like that particular spot. The better the accompanying story the better your chances of winning. Obviously I will be posting many of these photos and stories so by virtue of sending them to me you are giving me permission to publish them. I will pick a winner the first week of Feb. so get cracking! Email submissions to [email protected]

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  • So if I can figure out how to use my digital camera that’s been collecting dust I plan on entering the contest!

  • Humm…the corner of my living room with three framed wilco posters may be over the top. But, alas, I already have tickets for Tuesday night. Good luck all.

  • you’re such a weiner, dude.

    you should only allow chicks to vie for the opportunity.

    c’mon, now that you’re done with your ex….!

    oh, wait, you have morals… or some such…

    too bad this isn’t my blog! (kidding)

  • Hey did you see the piece in today’s WashPo Sunday Source about the four guys who go to concerts every week? You should buddy up with them and add some cross links on the blog–that would rock (ummm… literally)

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