Do Many People Really Own Tuxedos?

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So is this really how you are going to distinguish your dry cleaning business? Is this go lure in many customers? The tuxedo set? How often do you have to clean your tuxedo anyway? I got a tuxedo off a dead guy (long story) about six or seven years ago and I still haven’t cleaned it yet. Is that wrong? Anyway, if you’re looking to get your tux cleaned this joint is located on 14th St. not too far from the Dunkin Donuts. By the by Reagan National Airport now has a Donkin Donuts too. Nice.

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  • You’d be suprised how many tuxes are worn on a regular basis in this city. I work in catering and I wear a tux, at least, once or twice a week sometimes more often in “wedding season”. Somewhere in the area there’s a function requiring formal butlers (we’re sometimes called “penguins”) to serve as waiters and bartenders. You can crapp up a tux pretty quickly serving food and drink in a crowd.

    I already use a cleaners here in Brightwood that does a great job. They do a lot of MPD and Metro drivers’ uniforms, too, which is why I went to them with my tux.

  • Well, I am not sure that there’s much niche market in tuxedo cleaning, since I am sure I’ve never imagined any dry cleaner COULDN’T do it, but I own a tux and know a bunch of people who do as well.

    It’s not that I wear one very often, quite the opposite. But if you need one, even once, you need one. Instead of renting, stop by a nice consignment store like Secondi. I bought mine for about 90 bucks (probably not much more than a rental) some years ago and probably use it two or three times a year. Actually owning it means you have it on hand for things like dressing up for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve, or overdressing for non-special ones in order to freak out the other guests.

  • TheNeighbor

    National Airport. Period.

  • Buying one classic tux is a lot cheaper than renting someone else’s for the rest of time. rentals are expensive these days! And you’d never have to worry about it not showing up in time and/or a bad fit.

  • PS– maybe the sign is designed for men. You know, to jog the memory of those who might come to the conclusion of “Hey- maybe I should get that dead guys tux cleaned…” 🙂

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