Coolest Name For a Condo

IMG_6278, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

The Villaggio, that’s got a nice ring to it. How much extra do you think that name costs? Sweet balconies at the Villaggio after the jump.

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  • Villagio sounds like someone chelsea is probably trying to sign during the transfer window.

  • …….Villaggio……… sounds like…………. a cheese ……..

  • This was one of the first refurbishments on that block of Euclid. I remember being amazed to see such an upscale building there.

    Oh, and Villagio is defo moving to Aston Villa – me mate has a satellite that can hack into Martin O’Neil’s mobile, so I know for sure…

  • Again, another community garden lost to condos/luxury apartments – so sad.

  • i used to live on that block, and we used to make fun of that building all the time. “villaggio”…it sounds so stuffy and pretentious. not really how that block is in real life. the renovations around there have done nothing to improve that block. it’s a weird, scary enclave of crime in the middle of something that should be better. i’m glad to live at 13th and kenyon now.

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