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So what’s the deal with all this glass? It seems to be a trend with office buildings around town. Do you notice many condos going all glass as well? Is it a lot cheaper than brick? Or is all just for style? What do you think about the glass trend?

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  • Pop, I recently read an article in the Post about this very trend. I guess I like it. We’ve been stuck on limestone, brick and concrete in this town for 200 years! Give glass a chance. Hmm… could make a good song. Anyway, seems architects and clients alike are excited to have a “new” medium to show off on the streets of our fair city.

  • TheNeighbor

    It’s all about going green.
    Less lights needed during the day.
    Natural heat from the sun requires lower thermostat.

    Pretty soon we will all be running around in hampster balls!

  • I’ve seen quite a few glass buildings I like, but I pass this particular building every day and just can’t help but think about how hideous it is. Maybe because it actually looks like an office building out of the 70s instead of a residence, or maybe it’s just the SoCal foothills garagework, I’m not sure, but damn it’s ugly.

    When I was househunting last fall, I really liked this condo building on Euclid near 11th that was all glass in front, but when I was inside, I started to wonder how much I’d really enjoy the fact that anyone outside could see the entire inside of my living room and kitchen. It would have taken thousands of dollars for usable window treatments on that thing. But it was pretty! And still on the market, last I checked.

  • I like the glass a lot for all the green benefits but what I think makes it very successful is the use of an Architect. I am NOT an architect but I find that an “stylish” person cannot edit their likes. Many think that since they have good taste, they can create a beautiful place. Maybe it is in the eye of the beholder.

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