Beloved Crossing Guard Moved From 13th And Spring Road

Also from a reader:  “Perry Hunter our beloved crossing guard at 13th and Spring Rd has been relocated from his post to a location near the DC/MD border on New Hampshire Ave.  Perry lives on this intersection and is a vital member of our local community; he has been in this position for the last 9 years.  We should contact his superior at ddot and let him know how important he is to the safety of that intersection.  He has suggested that people stress that the intersection is busy and children frequently cross unaccompanied by their parents, people run red lights, etc. I know from past posts that several people who cross this intersection are readers and I would like to ask them to all contact DDOT on Perry’s behalf.  He is a great guy and his presence on our corner will be sorely missed!! ”

If you’d like to bring back Perry please contact:

James Strange
[email protected]

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  • He’s a very nice man. What are the circumstances behind his reassignment?

  • Thanks for the alert!

  • It is a restructuring, the crossing guards have been moved from the Police Dept. to DDOT and DDOT wants to use them differently, i.e. as traffic cops, instead of neighborhood crossing guards.

  • I was wondering where he went and hoping he wasn’t sick! He makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I drive past him every morning and he never fails to wave at me as if I were an old friend. Thanks for the info!

  • I would also encourage anyone who wants to make sure that Perry stays at 13th & Spring to contact Jim Graham’s office and the mayor’s office, in addition to James Strange at DDOT. The 13th & Spring intersection can be a dangerous one for pedestrians – particularly kids, as there’s an elementary school just east on Spring Rd – and he does a fantastic job at keeping drivers under control, especially the Marylanders who’re late for work and flying down 13th St. trying to beat the light.

    However, it’s not just a pedestrian/traffic safety issue. Perry knows everyone who crosses that intersection in the morning and afternoon, and he keeps an eye on everything that goes on in the area. He takes the time to help out some of local kids and keeps track of who’s up to no good. He’s exactly the kind of figure that CH and Petworth need these days.

  • Well stated dreas!!

  • I emailed Mr. Strange and got a denial from him because they are moving crossing guards to dangerous intersections. I think the reason that safety is not as big an issue there is because of his work. I think we may have to go above the DDOT people.

  • With all due respect, that response from Mr. Strange sounds like BS to me. Perry was to be moved to New Hampshire and Peabody, way up by the DC/MD line. Given that Peabody ends a block west of that intersection due to Metro tracks, it doesn’t seem as though it would be a dangerous intersection. I could be wrong – this is only based on a map and I haven’t seen the intersection in person – but 13th and Spring definitely needs someone, too.

    Also, I talked to Perry this morning – he is very grateful for all the attention this is getting and can’t believe he’s being talked about on the internet and at Wonderland. 🙂

  • So I can’t say that I know who Perry is, as I just moved to the neighborhood from U Street a couple of weeks ago; BUT, there was definitely a crossing guard at the intersection this morning around 9:20. Judging from the waves he was exchanging with passing drivers, he appeared to be a familiar face. Hmm…

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