At Least the Front is Brick

IMG_6360, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is a bit of an awkward pop up. But it could be worse if the front were vinyl like the side is. It almost looks a cartoon character. Doesn’t it? Well, I don’t like to judge, I’m just saying…

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  • The problem, PoP, is that you are gazing up at the sky, the sun, the birds and the stars way too much. Most of us are just staring at our feet (partly not to step on broken glass or just to make to not offend anyone), so we never notice.. 😉

    On a serious note, this is much better than the average. If only they would fill in the gap between the two tall ones..

  • It ugly. and the directv dish, out there on the edge, just makes it look worse.

  • It’s not great, but at least the window styles match. I’ve seen worse.

    That giant third story must have a loft or something. The real reason it looks so awkward is that big blank forehead. If they had put a couple dormers or something up there it would be way better. Or kept it to the height of the one two doors to the left.

  • okay. how do we get some sort of city lawisndfidfcodesomehting passed to STOP ugly pop ups? I mean… this one isn’t so bad, but some of the other featured ones are so goddamn ugly and seriously affect the property values of adjacent homes. (I don’t want to be next to that shit.) perhaps we could find a way to compromise and accommodate pop ups… I don’t know how… but… ???

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