Are These Gates Excessive?

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I noticed this gate that led up to a new condo on 14th Street. It kind of made me feel like it was a compound of some sort. [Ed note: If you should happen to find yourself in a compound of any kind, absolutely do not drink the kool aid.] Is this extra security necessary or an eyesore?

Updated: I drank the kool aid and it wasn’t so bad.

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  • The cypher lock is especially curious.

  • Just about any gate, lock, army of radio controlled attack squirrels are merely a temporary detterant to a determined offender… that being said, should the guy have a green thumb and basic landscaping interest some bean plants, ivy, kudzu, or any other creeper might take the some of the sting from this aesthetic eyesore with the help of some paving stones and a strategically placed garden gnome.

  • The gate does not look that bad in reality.. PoP just made it look much worse by laying in the ditch or something when taking the pic.. 🙂 The mesh is probably there to 1) to keep trash from being blown to the yard (the mesh at the bottom) 2) to avoid someone reaching around and opening the gate lock (it may not need a key to get out). Overall, the renovation on this house is actually quite nice.

  • Hideous. Security never has to be screamingly ugly, as it is in this instance. And that concrete lawn certainly tells us the developer got his chops doing “social clubs” for the Cosa Nostra.

  • Glad I don’t live near that house. I’d lose sleep worrying that, despite the fence and gate, the inmates would manage to escape.

  • Listen, if I lived across the street from the Cavalier (a building where residents have been known to get robbed in the hallways) on 14th Street, which is where these condos are located, I’d have security like this too.

  • I agree with Flipflopirate, some landscaping would have been nice.

  • i like it! it reminds me of home. home sweet home, la la la, la dee dee.

    bedtime at 9:00. ha!

    no sir, no sir, it’s not a comet, i know. a cow came out of it, and it spoke english!!

    la la la, la dee dee!

    and the birds are thieves, i tell ya! they never listen!

    damn sculptures! why do they always have to commemorate people?!

    la la la!

    yeah, that’s what that reminds me of….

  • Again, go and see it for yourself and live. There actually is landscaping – if you look at the picture carefully you can see it on the right side of the yard. Trust me, it does not look all that bad during the summer months.

  • two words….curb appeal

  • wow – it’s just a gate – note to self, there are gate snobs too.

  • in person the gate isn’t all that bad. the house faces 14th street, so there is a lot of foot traffic out front. the gate provides a good sense of separation between the very public sidewalk and the residence.

  • PoP, it’s SP’s like you, people who don’t know how to use the Orgs and the Tech, that make me sad (and make all of my body thetans sad too).

    [maniacal Cruisian laugh]

    To LRH!

  • Eye sore. It probably does do a great job of keeping the drunks from napping on your door step, but considering how hard they were trying to sell these things all summer long, I’m surprised they didn’t try to play down the “lock down” feel of it.

    Anyone know if these ever sold? I think one of the units did, but I’m not sure about the other two.

  • I looked at those condos this summer. They were way too expensive!

  • By the looks of it from the outside at least 3 of them have been sold, possibly all 4.

  • I have no idea what you guys are talking about, it totally looks that bad in person. I almost bought a place there, just cause it’s so beautiful inside (and completely soundproof!). The price was just too high though, and the owners we’re willing to neg. at all.

  • I don’t know what you are talking about. It looks perfectly fine and certainly appropriate for a house facing 14th St.

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