Anyone Know A Good Pediatrician In the Neighborhood?

A reader writes: “My wife and I are Park View/Petworth residents who are expecting our first baby in February.  We are hoping you might ask your readers to recommend a good pediatrician in or near Park View, Petworth, Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, or Adams Morgan. My wife and I have Blue Cross Blue Shield as our insurance.  Ideal would be a recommendation of someone at or nearby Children’s National Medical Center (“Children’s Hospital”) off Michigan Avenue. “

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  • My daughter goes to practice of Margorie McKnight at Washington Hospital Center. There are two doctors in the practice-Mcknight who is less talkative, but has a nice calm demeanor which is good for me as a nervous new mom, or Dr. Washington, who is also really nice, and more talkative than Mcknight which some of my friends who go to the practice prefer. I don’t think you could wrong with either of them. I’ve been very happy with the care my daughter has received, and have never had trouble getting an emergency appointment when needed. The number is 202 291-6257

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