Another View From The Alley

IMG_6311, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is the wildest back of a row house I’ve seen. Super futuristic. But my question is: Does it make sense to have super large windows in the back of a row house that presumably looks out onto an alley? Or is it worth it to hopefully get more light?

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  • I live on the same block as this property. It looks great, inside and out. It was a 3 level single family home that was converted into 2 condo complex. Each condo has two floors. The developer dug down and built up to give each floor maximum height.

    The one problem is that the developer left no way for the future owners of either condo to access the rear of the building for parking or for garbage, which is collected in the alley. Thus the future owners will have to make a long trek from the middle of the block in front to the cut-through and then another half block walk to drop off their garbage or enter their cars.

  • I’m definitely not a criminal, and hate to be pessimistic, but it seems to me the building is just begging for a rock…

  • There’s an even more fantastic one on the 1300 block of R St. Not sure the address, but it’s the one immediately adjacent to the Anna Cooper House. Head into the alley behind the property and look up–it’s three stories of floor-to-ceiling glass with some amazing looking tropical-type plants and such.

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