A Special Place in Hell Part Two

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Some bastards [Ed note: Bastards, pronounced ‘bah-stahds’ for emphasis.] ruined the beautiful mural behind the Tubman school in Columbia Heights. I mean, you got to be some kind of sick, to spray paint over the work of/for some kids. What is the thought process here, peer pressure?

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  • I am generally a fan of grafitti but there are certain tennets that taggers should follow and this prick broke #1 in my book… respect the neighborhood. I don’t understand with a blank wall right next to his tag why he chose the mural… except perhaps out of spite or pure animosity. On the bright side, at least the guy can tag, if there is something worse than defacing a childs mural its crappy grafitti on a childs mural.

  • seriously… it’s not as if the whole back-half of the perimeter isn’t prime, empty wall-space. I mean, if you MUST do that kind of thing.

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  • Taggers and graffiti artists have no rules and hate everyone. Remember all the racist comments coming from the Borf crew? There was never any artistic graffiti in Washington, DC and arguably the last artistic graffiti movement ended in new york city 25 years ago. Arrest the guy and jail him. The other prisoners will come up with an interesting punishment.

  • I will agre that a certain venue of artistic graffiti has faded in recent decades but the advent of stencil weilding college students and the epic undertakings of artists like banksy highlight the fact that graffiti is not dead, in fact it is an evolving art form with separate camps promoting different styles and messages that cant and wont be generalized by geographic area, language, or values. Jail him if you can find him, but in the meantime take a note from the brits and establish designated graffiti areas… if the kid is gonna tag anyway, give him space improve it and time to consider its placement.

  • get over it.
    buy some paint and fix it yourself.

  • man, as much as i like some good graffiti. this is weak as hell. use the blank wall at least (but what sorta fun would that be?). i don’t know about jail time but i do hope that he find somewhere else to hone his skills or just plain stops.

  • Yeah, this graffiti takes the cake – on school property, and marring a children’s mural to boot. Tubman Elementary has enough problems with the facility that they shouldn’t have to divert scarce resources to fixing the mural, or cleaning up tags in general.

  • If I’m reading this correctly, Upsetthesetup just expressed an all too pervasive and frustrating attitude in a lot of people today – laziness and uncaring.
    I paint on a wall. Someone else will paint and fix it.
    I drop trash all over the street. Someone else will pick it up.
    I double park here because my needs trump all others. Someone else will wait or go around.

  • nah dude. bitching on a blog cause some toy went over the mural at tubman is the easy way out.

  • Those who do grafitti are not artists, they’re vandals and criminals and should be prosecuted. If they want to show off their skills they should do so on surfaces that belong to them (like paper, canvas, drywall from construction debris, etc., or the walls in and around their own homes). If they have any artistic talent then they can try to show in galleries. Lots of DC area galleries have calls-for-entries that are open to all artists on a regular basis. There these “writers” can show their work without defacing public and private property and, possibly, make some cash from the sale of their work.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The only thing worse than “bitching on a blog” is bitching on a blog about people bitching on a blog…

  • And I thought the ROB/NEHI/PEAR/etc. crew had no shame.

    That’s just as bad as what ROB and the gang have been doing.

  • I think it adds texture and layers to the mural. It almost fits in and it is a good tag. But if I were the principal I probably wouldn’t be too happy. I like the idea of designated space for graffiti but guess the draw is the danger of it huh?

  • GRAVE?

    lets cut him some slack maybe he was drunk.

    i still wouldve chose the fresh wall next to it, you can barely see it.

    vandalism and art are two different worlds, pull your head out of your ass and do some research.

  • guy mondo you sound like a confused cop. its not about “making some extra cash”, its the rush of defacing the property of people like you.

  • Anonymous: I’m not a confused cop but I am an ex-vandal (albeit not a very prolific one). Now I am a legitimate artist showing in galleries. I get a rush from the sale of my work, however, if you let me know where you live my friends and I can swing by sometime and tag your property for free…

  • Graffiti bugs me to no end. It never looks good, and even if it did, you have no business imposing your crap on my hood. At least property crimes I can understand, need money for an addiction or to east or whatnot, but graffiti just screws the neighborhood other with no real benefit to you. Honestly, just start patrolling, putting people who do this crap in jail for a year, and it will stop, fast. Once NYC got tough on graffiti, etc., this type of garbage subsided, enormously, it’s only because DC doesn’t give a crap that we are forced to live in graffiti infested streets that destroy the hard work of people who actually give a crap about making the place they live look nice. Maybe now that the gun ban is over, someone will shoot one of these dudes (not mortally, but someone who paints over a kid’s mural deserve a shot to the leg say) …

  • So writing your name on a wall is now considered art??? And to think all the times I’ve written my own name on a piece of paper I was creating art. I never realized I had so much talent.

    Seriously though, anyone who claims this crap is art needs to get out more. Start by moving out of your mom’s basement.

  • this incident is a messed up thing to do, especially to a kids mural. but how can you people group this kids tag in with a real peice of art somewhere else?

    hypothetically–what if that mural was done illegally?

    would it now be considered vandalism and not art?

    what if it were on another building instead of a school?

    would you people still care if it got covered up then?

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