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IMG_6173, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

If I were of the proper persuasion this is the wreath I would get.  Or maybe one with avacodos.  Yeah avacodos are awesome.

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  • which persuasion would you have to be?

  • With proper persuasion and a glue gun, a picture frame and some wood screws you can make your own avocado wreath! (and BTW thats my door…)

  • SouthwestDC

    I have relatives who live in Williamsburg, and I’ve always loved the fruit wreaths that adorn the historial houses at Christmastime. As the other commenter noted, making your own wreath is a simple, inexpensive, and fun project.

  • Nice wreath, Herb. Avocado or apple? Either way it looks like an invitation to squirrels. They do not need much persuasion.

  • so far no four legged or two legged varmits have bothered it.

  • I think the POP is saying that he’s more of the mezuzah on the door frame persuasion than the Christmas wreath on the door persuasion. Then again, I think decorating with greenery in December has its origins in Pagan celebrations of the winter solstice….days start getting longer! Especially exciting for those living with the very short winter days found in Northern Europe. London is at a higher latitude than Newfoundland, Canada. Pagans also celebrated the growth and fertility of spring. Easter eggs and bunny rabbits anyone? Human history/cultural is all about reinventing what has already been done. Rarely does something come along that hasn’t already been done in some form before.

  • I know Kevin to be a talented anthropologist. At home, under my adorned ritual evergreen is a light up skull with a santa hat.

    Mappy Halloweastmas.

  • Light up skulls with Santa hats are like so totally post-classical Mayan. Stick a couple of sprigs of mistletoe into the nasal slits, though…and you’ve got yourself a pre-classical period Mayan light up skull with Santa hat. Here’s the problem…the Mayans turned on their light up skulls only on the 3rd day after the Summer solstice. Then again, the recycling of ritual has to start somewhere/sometime. Why not here and now in Petworth??

    Happy Light Up Skull in Santa Hat Day to all!!!

    Of course, the holiday is already being commercialized

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