What is Teatro De La Luna?

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I saw they recently received a grant from the ANC. And certainly there window looks pretty cool but I’ve never seen it open. Anyone know a contact, I’d be happy to interview them? They are located on Georgia Ave not too far south from Taylor St.

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  • that is their administrative office. they perform throughout the city and region, mainly in Arlington VA at the Gunston Arts Center. contact 882-6227.

    they have probably been in DC and a part of the DC scene way longer than you

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks anon. I’m happy to learn about them. And thanks for being so polite in your comment.

  • Wow, that was cold Anon. But informative.

  • Who cares how long they have been in DC? Part of what scene, if they perform mainly in Virginia, are they really a part of the DC scene? Duration in and of itself is not a virtue.

    Why is anonymous so quickly on the defensive? Could it be like another half-cocked non-profit taking advantage of tax laws to stake out a soon to be prime commercial location (a la the DC storefront church proliferation).

    Anonymous “doth protest too much, methinks” … keeping it theatrical!

  • I wonder too, I live close and have never seen a production or anything. Why would our ANC dollars go to a business that performs in another part of the region? Do they have a website or production schedule that is available? Who gets the money? What is the name of the person?

    I’m sorry but after the DC tax office fiasco, I am very suspicious.

  • that is the administrative office of the latino theater company (they also rehearse there).
    most (if not all) of their productions are produced in a few art centers in virginia. i’ve been to a few shows, they’re all in spanish but if you don’t speak the language, they offer headsets with folks doing simultaneous translations. small group, but VERY good actors and productions.

  • the anc probably gave them a grant because lots of latinos live in dc, and frequent their productions.

  • Teatro de la Luna will be performing in public schools within ANC 4C’s district.

    Joe Martin
    ANC 4C Chair / SMD 4C09 Commissioner

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