There Are Too Many of These Memorials

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This one is on Girard St. I should expect to see one of these in my lifetime. This is the second one I’ve seen in just a few months. Absolutely brutal.

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  • do you know what it is for? I remember seeing one on sherman ave, i thought maybe a child got hit by a car… i don’t know.

  • Only seeing two in within a few months…that’s actually pretty good. In many places in DC there’s always a fresh one. Sad state…

  • Anon – the one on Sherman Ave is from a car accident this fall. Howard homecoming weekend, a woman went to homecoming, picked up kid from sitter afterward, and while driving home got hit there.

  • I believe this one is for the 13 year old who was shot and killed this summer.
    14th and Girard has not had a great summer/fall.

  • There were 2 fatal shootings within the last six months on the 1400th block Girard St., it’s a memorial for either Terry Cutchin, killed by a stray bullet on June 2nd, or Tayon Glover, killed August 23rd. I lived on that block for three years until last May.
    More info:

  • I’m actually sick of seeing these things. I know sometimes they are for children killed by drunk drivers or something but other times they may be for a drug dealer killed in a deal gone bad. I just find them an eyesore and without any context, useless for raising awareness. I also don’t like the roadside memorials. There is a place for grief and memorials, I just don’t think the streets are the place.

  • DCRat. Well, it sounds like they’ve certainly raised your awareness. I just love the comments section, it has turned out to be quite a useful source of info into the psyche of the new neighbors around CH/Petworth. Honestly, I think that’s an “eyesore” you can live through. And thank you, with that comment you just raised the level of cynical douchebaggery by 10 notches.

  • Escueto,
    Repectfully, I disagree. How long have you lived around here? I’ve been here for about a dozen years (Mt. Pleasant to be specific)

  • 9 Years(Adams Morgan 2 & Columbia Heights 7), so you beat me by 3. I think that with cases like these; especially with cases like this, one needs to be a lot more understanding, empathic, and tolerant. It may be an eyesore to you, an annoyance mayhaps, ugly even…But to others it may have greater significance.

  • I wonder if there is any unspoken norm about how long they are allowed to be here? I wonder if the city has a certain time period were they allow the stuffed animals to hang out until they get removed? One thing that I noticed is that when there was a latino youth killed in our neighborhood had a similar memorial up for about 5 days before it was taken down by city workers. A few days later it was back up again (with lots of spray painted eulogies). Then all of that was removed with in days. The one on Sherman ave has been there now for 3 months and hasn’t been touched. Maybe because it was a baby – I don’t know.

  • We have graveyards for this kind of thing. And plenty of living, breathing disadvantaged children in this city who could make better use of plush toys instead of them rotting on a lamp post outside.

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