“The Nation of Immigrants Project” Showing in Columbia Heights

Thanks to a reader for pointing this out to me. Apparently it was mentioned in last Friday’s Post Weekend Chat. The Washington Post has a piece on the play by Patrick Crowley. The article says: “Patrick Crowley, a freelance theater educator and teacher at Bell Multicultural High School in Columbia Heights, developed the play in collaboration with the Young Playwrights’ Theater out of workshops and interviews with young, largely Latino members of Washington’s immigrant community.” Check out the Post Article for location and times.

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  • I saw this play both at its workshop reading last June and the performance Monday night – tonight (Wednesday) is the last night it’s showing, and if you can make it, I highly recommend it. Although the play is fiction, it is inspired by the stories and workshops Patrick did with local students and DC residents, so there is much familiarity and truth in it.

    Young Playwright’s Theater performances are always particularly interesting because of the talk back discussions they host with the actors, director, and playwright following the performance – on an issue like immigration, in a neighborhood like Columbia Heights, there’s obviously alot of interesting perspectives to be shared.

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