Temperance Hall Voted 9th Best Jukebox in DC

According to Gridskipper Temperance Hall is number 9 in the city when it comes to jukebox music. But it is not the fancy internet jukebox up top they are talking about the smaller old school one downstairs. My two cents is that the best jukebox is Temperance Hall upstairs when Scott is picking the tunes… They selected the Raven’s as number one. What is your favorite jukebox in DC?

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  • #1, Ben’s Chili Bowl. #2, Raven. Though I do love the downstairs music at Temperance Hall, too.

  • I used to love the jukebox at Bedrock Billiards. It had more of an indie/punk feel to it.

  • But they have the best darn burgers (and veggie burgers) too! We love that place.

  • Internet jukeboxes are sign that the bar has commitment issues.

  • kookipooli’s @ kalorama and 18th rocks!

  • I certainly understand the disdain for Internet jukeboxes because all (well, most of us) came of age before these things were the norm. However, the digital jukebox, just like a regular jukebox, is a reflection of of both the bar’s owners and patrons. With that said, I always put about 5 bucks into the juke at Temperance when I go because it’s like playing my own Mp3 collection. I absolutely love it and haven’t downloaded one song in the 6 months I have been going there.

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