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Hopefully it is not too late but a reader writes:  “Those of us who get the Washington Post delivered to our door probably got an envelope that said “If you would like to remember your carrier during the holidays, please use this envelope”.  I’m sending a $25 check to my delivery person, since my paper has been in place, on time, every morning of the week for the past year, but just wondering what other folks do/think on this subject.”

So how much do you tip the newspaper delivery person?  Who else do you tip?

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  • We put a $20 in the mail (security envelope, of course) figuring that most folks prefer cash….

  • I tipped my postman with a giftcard, since they’re not allowed to accept cash. I tipped the Washington Express guy at the Cleveland Park metro $20 last year, but since moving to Petworth have found the Express guy not around half the time, so no tip there this year. And I tipped my hairdresser twice the usual amount.

  • $20, but I sent it late. Oh well, money never expires.

  • my barber and my personal trainer….

  • After several years of the newpaper not quite making my porch, I stopped tipping him. Who I would like to tip but never figured out how are the DC DPW guys who pick up my trash. However, outside of being there when they arrive I’m not sure how to securely do this.

  • I reluctantly tipped (my husband’s idea) the Post carrier, since we get home delivery. He sent an envelope with a letter, full of grammatical and spelling errors. But 80% of the time (terrible odds) the Post is on our porch before 7:00 am. If not, we call and complain. It’s a hard job so we wrote them a $20 check, that was quickly depositted.

  • Herb is right about DC DPW. It’s a hard job, and they make life more enjoyable for the rest of us.

  • Without a doubt with we tipped the garbage men. I waited until I heard them coming down the alley and of course, ran out in my PJs with a card and some $$$!

  • Man, I would love to meet the DPW employees who merited tips from you guys. Almost every week our trash is not taken, partially taken, taken and then the trash can tipped or the lid unhinged, trash can pushed down the alley, etc. Everything is neat and bagged and doesn’t block the alley. I do not know what we are doing wrong!!

  • To me the whole idea of having to pretty much everyone that is “servicing” you is strange.. that’s what they are paid to do or should be paid adequately to do.

    Having said that, I do give good tips to my barber as it does give me some priority in the line sometimes, as well as our regular taxi driver. The only times I can think of tipping actually making a difference. 🙂

  • I never got an envelope from my WaPo carrier. But I often don’t get my paper, either, so that wasn’t much of a surprise. I once didn’t get it for a full week.
    I reasoned that if s/he left an envelope, I’d leave a tip, but it was a no-show. Instead, for two days my paper actually landed at my door, and not my upstairs neighbor’s or at empty house next door… Think that was a tip request?

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