Speaking of Firehouses, Should They Really be Built Directly Next To Homes?

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Would you not go insane or is it kind of like living near an airport and not noticing the airplanes flying overhead? I used live not too far from the Cleveland Park Firehouse and on more than one occasion I’d be on the phone in my apartment and the person on the other end would ask me if I was at a pay phone. Remember pay phones, I was so pissed when they went up to 35 cents…

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  • The noise is probably a nightmare but at the same time…they’re probably the safest houses on the block (as far as fires go.)

  • I looked at a condo in the beige building across the alley. Thank god we didn’t buy it.

  • I would kill and eat babies for the chance to buy an old firehouse and renovate it for my personal residence.

  • It’s actually more of a sub-station to the main Columbia Heights firehouse on 14th Street. I haven’t noticed a lot of emergency vehicles racing in and out, sirens blaring. It seems to be more of an auxiliary parking bay than an active fire station, fortunately for the neighbors.

  • The usage of firehouses is relatively small in DC. (Some cities require the fire to be dispatched to all emergency situations — San Francisco was like that — but DC doesn’t.) Some urbanists have even suggested that housing or libraries be built above them.

  • When we looked at a house for sale around the 900 block of Hamilton St. in Petworth, the realtor said that the fire trucks promised not to run their sirens within a block of the firehouse (very residential). I have no idea if they keep to this, or not.

    Regarding the firehouse pictured above, I remember it took 10 minutes for Emergency personel to respond to an epilepticattck at the Giant directly across the street – so maybe they don’t do too much there.

  • Until three months ago when I moved to Petworth, I lived right around the corner from that firehouse. Like someone else mentioned, I never saw emergency vehicles going in or out, and there was never a whole lot of noise from it.

  • it was definitely vacant before the giant was built but i have noticed it being used the last few years.

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