Second Best Coffee Shop in the City Offering Salsa Lessons

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Whah? 14U which I always thought was called FourteenU Coffee shop, located at the corner of 14th and U, is actually called one for U coffee shop which I guess makes more sense. But anyway I just noticed that they now offer Salsa lessons which just seems really bizarre to me. It is a very small space, but I guess that’s cool. Maybe next month they’ll have free bonsai tree sculpting lessons. I mean that would make just as much sense, no? Has anyone taken the Salsa lessons? I’m still nursing a nagging breakdancing injury but I’ll have to check it out when I’ve recovered…

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  • That’s really not bizarre at all. Mayorga offers dance lessons as well. Local cafes/lounges are more lifestyle establishments than they are Dunkin Donuts.

  • Hey PoP,

    You should take a Salsa lesson … or any other dance that requires a woman. And, you may have to admit, your breakdancing skills probably didn’t get you laid.

  • I also think salsa lessons in such a tiny space is a little strange. However, in Mayorga’s case, salsa lessons = “our bar business has been doing so badly and we’re so desperate to get people in here that we’re gonna make like this place is a club”.

  • Salsa lessons sound great! I’ll have to check that out. This city needs all the exercise it can get and dancing is fun. Dancing is a lifestyle and it keeps you in shape. Look at some other businesses around us; they’re branching into other avenues, offering different products. What could be so bad about dancing salsa in a nice coffee shop. Apparently they’re offering fine French pastries starting next week. That’s exactly what U St needs: Let’s all dance!!!

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