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Help me please, I have a serious problem.  Do you have a magazine subscription of any kind?  I get the New Yorker, mainly for the cartoons and so I can start conversations with “I read this article in the New Yorker…”.  But that’s neither here nor there.  You can have this problem with whatever magazine you subscribe to Economist, or Guns & Ammo.  So here it is:  I fell one week behind on my New Yorker and I am literally drowning in issues I haven’t read yet.  Ok, I’m not literally drowning but I am figuratively drowning.  I have this disease where I can’t throw out an unread New Yorker.  And another one just arrived today.  I’m starting to freak out.  I’m canceling plans so I can go home and read these damn things.  And many of the articles aren’t even that interesting.  How many times can one read about John McPhee’s obsessions with trains, fish, snails, etc.?  Well, actually, those are quite good but there are a lot of other boring articles.  So what can I do?  Can I throw out some of these magazines without having read them?  Is there some kind of self help group I can join to help with this problem?  Please tell me I’m not alone.

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  • you’re not alone….i read through all of the city’s free papers (city paper, intowner, hill rag, dc north, dupont current) and if i miss one, they start to pile up until i get through the mess. it’s a disease, i know…

  • Man, I can’t help you with that. I have the complete first 3 years of VIBE magazine that I haven’t gotten back to since the 90s! Also, I have a year (1998) of Art News, a year of Revolution (2000; music and club culture; I ogt it for the free CD sampler in each ish), and Juxtapoz (well, I have read most of these). I had a lot of other mags because the subs were free through my job but instead of just throwing them away I created art with a lot of them.
    See it here: http://StudioMONDO.deviantart.com

  • Damn! I should’ve proofed that last thing afore ah sent it!

    Should’ve read “I got it for the free CD…”

  • I have the same problem! I ended up not renewing my NY’er subscription for 2007, but I can’t seem to part with the stack of unread 2006 issues on my coffee table! I keep telling myself that I’ll get around to reading them because I always enjoy the articles really aren’t time sensistive, but I never do! Someone pleaese explain this strange condition!

  • nah. you have many friends. this challenge feels akin to the “i love lucy”episode
    when lucy and ethel are working on the assembly line at the chocolate factory, and said
    line speeds up!

  • i only get gossip rags so i just look at the pictures….takes 5 minutes. wow, how not intellectual, but it’s so fun!!

  • Boy, I sure am glad I’m illiterate.

  • Maybe you can have a friend stealth recycle your old issues? It takes the sting out if you’re not the one throwing them away/witnessing their demise. I think my husband has over a dozen NY’ers and Harpers strewn about the living room right now. We have an unofficial agreement that I can recycle any issue over two months old. I think this is permitted only because I toss old mags into the pile when he’s not home. Alternatively, you and Mr. 14th & You can form a two person support group.

  • Confronted with the same problem I let them pile up unread and then every few months go through the contents page of each one and flag anything that still looks interesting. Usually turns out to be one article every 2 or three issues. Throw away the rest and put the flagged copies in the loo.

  • Phew! You are not alone. I get a weekly and it’s really easy to fall behind. I scan the entire magazine first, get a sense what interests me and the next time I read those articles.

    I’ve also lowered my expectations. Makes it easier to move on to the next magazine.

    Good luck!

  • take them to work and leave them in the lunch room for others, that way you wont feel like they went to waste.

  • You’re only a week behind? Damn, man. I’m at least six months behind.

    You have to cut the cord at some point. When the piles have taken over the coffee table, two end tables and a shelf in your bookcase, and possibly even sprawled onto a radiator, it’s time to start chucking some of that aristocratic rambling. Although slightly painful from an environmental and financial viewpoint, I take a certain smug pleasure in throwing away some unread New Yorkers.

  • Skip the Sunday Times to catch up? I don’t know how to do it. I subscribe to fifteen magazines, some of which sit in their wrapper for two weeks before I get to them. I can’t stand getting behind on it, either, but I’m only at the end of November now. . .

  • I have a National Geographic problem, In about four months I should be caught up…oh wait… new issues will have come…never mind.

  • yeah, the economist feels like fucking homework now… im pissed if i get on the bus or metro and realize i forgot it cuz then it means i will be backed up even more. oh, and i have no idea what i am going to go when i go on vacation for xmas. ugggh!

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