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Yes as a matter of fact, I did feel very weird taking this picture but I knew I’d forget the thought if I didn’t. At any rate, I can’t stand these automatic towel dispensers. By the time you get the sensor to work all the water has run down your arm and it is kind of moot at that point. Plus you look like a lunatic waving your hand in front of it trying to get it to register. Am I wrong? I mean how lazy are we any way? Is this a conservation or sanitation thing, what’s the purpose?

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  • TheNeighbor

    The thought behind these obnoxious things has got to be some germaphobes. Must be if you don’t actually touch anything ie; the water starts when you put your hands under the faucet to waving like an idiot at a towel dispenser. Only problem is that when your all done being sanitary…you have to reach for the door knob to get out of the room.
    So I am not sure what the point is.

  • They are better than the auto flush toilets in the ladies rooms!!!

  • Au contraire, PoP, I was so ecstatic when I first saw these hands-free sensor dispensers that I called the ex-CEO of Georgia Pacific and thanked him!

  • I’m of the understanding that the sensor promotes less towel usage. If it takes a few seconds to wave your hand and get one little towel, it will keep people from walking up and yanking out thirty-four paper towels just to dry their hands that were only under a trickle of water…. or something.

  • Personally, I’m a big fan (when they function properly). We’ve all seen that person who pretends to wash their hands but really just runs their hands for a second under water, no soap, no actual washing. I don’t want to touch the same towel dispenser level as that person! Yes, I know there are nasty germs on everything we touch, and I’m not a germaphobe. But something about those dang paper towel dispensers in bathrooms have always grossed me out. If anything, let me live with the illusion that this is somehow more sanitary.

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