PoP Video by Joe Mills Volume Two: Sherman Circle

Joe Mills has done it again and produced another gem. In case you missed the one on Grant Circle you can catch it here. I’ve always had some problems with Sherman Circle. It’s a lovely circle and all but there is nothing in the middle of it. There is no statue of a long forgotten civil/revolutionary war hero nor is there any dope sky tree, it is just well empty. Well, there are a lot of trees surrounding the circle so that is pretty cool. And I guess it makes for more room for football or dog walking. Check out the video and tell me what you think. Lots more videos to come in the future.

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  • I think Sherman circle is better frankly. It’s much more like a park that you’d actually want to play in. There’s too much concrete in Grant Circle. And I hate that tree with a passion. I just wish Sherman circle had better lighting and was circled by better land usage. Perhaps once Clark school is sold off to something. It will be more appropriately dense around there.

  • if by “done it again”, you mean so shaky that i’m getting dizzy, then yeah, he’s done it.

    i appreciate the effort and the history, but man, i need to sit down and rest now….

  • I also have to agree with the first posting. Sherman Circle is more pedestrian friendly. Less traffic, less trash and also wider walking/strolling area. Who needs a statue! The trees are fantastic in fact during warmer weather I’ve seen folks lay out a blankets and just hang out. Kids love to ride their bikes there. And for some reason cars tend to slow down at Sherman Circle. Grant Circle on the other hand, although visually pleasing, seems to instill a frenetic pace to it. Cars generally have a disregard for pedestrian traffic. I know because I drive around Grant Circle on my morning commute to work. Too much traffic, and too many broken bottles. I really want to like Grant Circle but I much prefer Sherman.

  • Yeah, I’m with IMGoph. You should post a warning with that thing. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Sherman Circlers are all punks. Grant Circle roolz.

  • The most recent Grant Circle episode. This excerpt from a ward 4 resident to anc commissioner Joe Martin regarding another Grant Circle accident.


    Just a note to let you know that another automobile has crashed into Grant Circle Park and knocked down a lamp post on the west side of the Park. Something has to be done about “calming” the traffic that enters the Circle and that travels on the arteries that intersect the Circle. Cars traveling on Varnum and Illinois Avenue (east side) don’t even stop at the Stop sign. Can’t the Transportation Department install those metal strips at the Stop sign to force drivers to stop? ”

    You may want to take notice, Oden.

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