PoP Holiday Tip #1

When ordering gifts from the Internet on a site like Amazon, always choose free super saving shipping.  Much like Duty Free stores in airports, priority mail is a scam or at the very least a waste of money when ordering gifts on the Web.  They say super savers shipping takes 7-8 days to arrive.  At least on Amazon when using super savers free shipping it has never taken more than two day for my gifts to arrive.

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  • No no no. Amazon sucks anyway, but their free super shipping REALLY sucks. The last time I did that. For two lousy books – it took over a month. Which is just really ricockulous. I just should have bought them somewhere else but hadn’t ordered from Amazon in a long time — and thought they were just covering their bums by telling me 4-6 weeks. They were not. I could have paid and got them in like 3 days. This is why internet shopping sucks. When I’m ready to buy, I’m ready to take possession of the item. No waiting.

  • Not to take this post in a different direction, but IN, were you born a contrarian or have you just become one over time?

  • Excellent use of the word contrarian

    I had to look that one up

  • I see Pauper’s “contrarian” and raise him a Safirian dose of “nattering nabobs of negativism” and a side-order of “petulant homunculus of bile”.

  • always one-upping me…just can’t let me have my day in the sun

  • i agree. i ordered something on amazon, through one of their partners (adorama camera), super-saver, and had it in two days. order semi-early and let amazon eat the cost of shipping.

    but if you’re looking for books, i would suggest going to a local shop–politics & prose and kramer books come to mind for having great selection and supporting the local economy.

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