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  • What are animal rights activists to do when they don’t like the conditions at animal shelters? Take THOUSANDS of pets, under the guise of alledgedly finding them homes, and then euthanize them and dump them in dumpsters. Didn’t happen? Guess again.
    There’s a little inconvenient truth for sanctimonious, preachy vegetarians: there are too many animals as it is.

  • “david” as in “david martosko” from center for consumer freedom? the same group who gets money from the restaurant, tobacco and meat industries? hmmm.

    your post is ridiculous. newsflash: dogs and cats are overpopulated because people don’t spay and neuter them and buy from breeders rather than shelters. there simply aren’t enough homes for them and confining them to cages for their whole life isn’t humane. and guess what? they aren’t included in the 9 billion land animals raised and killed for food in the US every year.

    when there are so many alternatives to eating animals out there, there is no reason to continue eating them. the conditions that they are forced to live and die in are horrendous and to alleviate that suffering- if only a little- is a noble cause. getting money from big business to do their dirty work isn’t.

  • compassion over killing is a great group and is NOT to be confused with PETA.

  • I didn’t buy my Foreman to cook veggies on. Alternatives to eating animals just doesn’t taste good. I am all for adopting pets as opposed to breeders though. Keep up the good fight.

  • see, and i was going to say that when there are so many alternatives to eating plants out there, there is no reason to continue eating them…you don’t think that soy plant feels the pain when cut it?

  • @pauper if you’re eating the plant and not the beans you are doing it wrong.

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