Nice Contrast

IMG_6286, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I like the contrast of the new modern glass apartment building overlooking the old school row houses.

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  • I like it too. Also like that other photo you had of the modern reno. And the reason this works so well is because the row of houses you photographed fit well together. Imagine this picture if, say, the 2nd house from the right had vinyl siding. Or a third story with dormers and siding.

  • You should see the views from the penthouse of the building in back. The developer is also doing 1125 11th St NW and she purchased the penthouse unit on the right for herself in the building pictured above. You can see all the way to Anacostia across the entire city from her unit. Its breathtaking.

  • That picture is taken from right in front of my old house. I miss the good life on Florida Ave…

  • Not a big fan… I wholeheartedly support building up rather than out. However, I think that presearving the historic architectural style of the District holds a specific degree of importance in new urban development. Mixed use development that includes retail, office, and residential spaces within one building should reflect existing/complimenting styles that will foster economic diversity and cultural enrichment… something that could be imported to nearly every neighborhood of the district, especially the green line. Leave the glass brushed steel in DT.

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