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Located at 1830 14th Street (located on the second floor) the Hunted House sells “vintage and modern furnishings”. The store is open Thurs and Fri: Noon – 7:00 PM and Sat and Sun: 11AM – 7:00 PM. Hunted House has been open for the past six months and has some pretty sweet furniture. This Swedish Teak Lounge Chair and Ottoman was going for $695. So if you’re looking to get me a Christmas gift you need look no further. Despite the fact that I really dislike the name of this business the goods for sale will make the trip well worth your while.

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  • Theres some pretty cool stuff here. I stop by on occasion and always see new and funky peices. I also stop into the other “mid century” shops and find the prices here to be much better and the atmosphere of the place is alot more relaxed!

  • Yes! Hunted House is pretty great. Also, there are definitely nice pieces that go for a lot less than that $695 chair. Not saying the chair’s overpriced, just that the store as a whole isn’t just for the very rich.

  • love Hunted House but the prices are pretty steep…it’s cool how they turned a whole apartment into the store, though.

  • i have to say… several friends have gotten a rude treatment when going in there for the first time… the owners say their prices are lower than everyone else’s (and told me and my friend that) but their merchandise seems really sub-par. kinda jcpenny modernism. i have been shocked at what they charge for a knockoff. i have actually seen a few of the same pieces in better condition and lower priced at millennium on u street which i have been shopping at since they opened in early 90s. if you are looking for nice quality investment pieces also check out good eye on wisconsin and modernicus in alexandria. anyway… nice to see more stores in the area…

  • I have a house full of actual designer furnishings that are beautiful and functional. The only thing I found in this store was the stuff I giggle at and make fun of at thrift stores or pieces that remind me of my white trash heritage of Sear’s Surplus shopping with my mother. But this time around that plywood, formica coated, colonial-modern (is that real?), hexagonal end table is several hundred dollars instead of the 99 dear ole mum paid. Old crap is still crap and that is what they trade in. Most of the other vintage stores have people who ONLY deal in REAL designer furniture and the prices here in DC are more then reasonable for stuff that will endure and impress and you will love for a very long time. This place is full of the same “funky” stuff that will make your house look more Frat than beautiful.

  • Funny to see this mention of Hunted House because I and a friend almost missed the place. We went looking last weekend for dining room chairs for a vntage table she bought elsewhere and, while walking down 14th street, we stumbled upon it by seeing the furniture outside.

    I’m not so much into the period, by my friend was impressed. She liked the mix of merchandise, definitely liked the prices and thought the place was overall pretty cool. We got a nice greeting from a guy working there, not sure if he was the owner or not. I enjoyed looking at the silver christmas tree and all the old glass ornaments. It reminded me of my childhood, sort of. I’m glad to see something new on that still sort of blighted side of 14th street.

  • I guess it’s true that one man’s “trash” is another man’s “treasure.” I’ve gone to this store a few times, have had nice chats with Mark the owner and I always see new and interesting pieces there. I can’t afford nor am I interested in so-called “pedigree” pieces. I find that the attitude-level is much higher at Millenium and Goodwood as are the prices. I don’t go to Good Eye but I hear they are expensive too. Hunted House has definitely gotten better at offering more nice furniture but they still offer funky and cool stuff too and many of us, especially who haved moved to the area from cities where you find more stores like Hunted House, want that.

  • Liked that store much better when it was NEW2U for a few years. The 2 women were super nice and it was low key. They were the ones who inventvely made it into the apartment style space. Sadly they closed suddenly. Anyone know what happned? πŸ™

    PS: I got thrown some attitude when I went to this new store a few months ago. WHat’s up with their weirdly arbitrary high prices and I agree about the goofy name. ;0

  • That New2U place really sucked! Those chicks were never open on a regular basis and it was hard as hell to find anything there because it was so packed full and most of it was not even worth rummaging (pun intended) through. It reminds me a lot of Ruff and Ready up the street. Although I must admit I do look in there from time to time.

  • I have gotten better quality and better prices at Millennium and Goodeye. Millennium being the granddaddy of mid-century emporiums in DC. I love that place and the guys who run it. They are pleasant and always willing to negotiate. I guess the more the merrier, but I will stick with the seasoned purveyors of mid-century I mentioned above.

  • oh jeez you people- just move here? The GRANDDADDY of Mid-Century stores in DC was Adams Morgan’s RetroActive. I say this in all honesty, that store was the first place I ever saw people proud to be gay, as opposed to my high school where the really obvious guys were hiding it. there has never been a store, not even Millenium, that had RetroActive’s quality.

    And all this focus on designers? please, when it stops being about style and starts being about a name, screw it.

    My favorite story was stopping in some store, now closed, and the owner was showing me things. I told him I didn’t like blonde wood and he said, This isn’t Blonde Wood, it’s Heywood-Wakefield! (uhhh…) and then he was like, “This couch over here is Noguchi.” Oh, Noguchi, I said. “Noguchi was a Japanese designer.” Oh, I know who Noguchi is, I’ve seen his chairs.

    “No, you DON’T know who Noguchi is.”

    True, he said that. I walked away from him at that point.

  • I’ve been a fan of mid century modern for some time now and I used to go to Millenium when they were two floors of store. I didn’t care for them then and I don’t really care for them now. They seem rather stuffy to me and act like a bunch of queens who can’t take a joke. I’m gay myself so I can say this. I have gone to Hunted House and even though every piece is not a so-called designer piece, I think the philosophy makes sense. The place always seems to have a nice mix of folks. I wonder if Millenium gets that much of an eclectic crowd. Just go where you can spend happy, I say!

  • A lot of bile on here. That’s funny about Millennium, Dupont Old Timer because from what I understand one owner is gay and one owner is straight? And before two years ago it was a collective of lots of different dealers. πŸ™‚

    I don’t see what point you are trying to make, seems judgemental and hateful. Has always been a fun place to shop. Had really nice conversations about stuff and how seriously people take sooooooooo furniture then and even now.

    They really seem to just like what they do and they seem to love kitsch as much as designer and have done it for years. You just seem bitter. πŸ™

  • jeez people it s furniture. just buy what you like.

  • I belive the store was Retrospectives not RetroActive. What about Design Post,Homeworks, Uniform,Classical Greece and Ancient Mars, Neotiques and the already metioned Retrospectives.They were the pioneers, I think what Mr. Brinker meant by Millennium being the granddaddy of Mid-Century is their longevity, they have been in the neighborhood since 1992.
    Millennium has been my shop of choice for years. There stock seems to change often with both pedigreed and non-pedigreed pieces.The folks “queens” at Millennium not only seem like they can “take a joke” they have always been more than helpful and not at all “stuffy” when I stopped in to shop.

  • Not really sure what all the back and forth is about. Like funfun said, “buy what you like”. I’ve never been to any of these places—I don’t have any furniture so maybe I should check `em out I guess but, judging from the website, Hunted House looks like they got some pretty nice stuff to me. Some lounge kat hipsters I know have a pair of chairs and a table from there and they like the place. Is this an age and money thing or what?

  • Hello furniture lovers, Greetings from Hunted House! Mark and Ed, Hunted House owners here to say thanks to PoP for posting this piece and to also say that we appreciate the “blogentary”. It’s been a whole lot of fun for us since we opened our doors on 14th Street this summer. We’ve had a lot of traffic in our shop and we’ve sold a lot of furniture.

    Since our days of selling Mid Century Modern on Craigslist and at Eastern Market, we have realized that, despite the fact that other stores have existed in this town for years, some people want an alternative. We set out to find good quality pieces without regard to a “designer name” necessarily and to offer them at a fair price. People tell us very often that they think our prices are fair and they like the fact that we just offer good, fun pieces from yesteryear because that’s really what they want. We feel as though we must be hitting our mark because we have had pretty good press from The Washington Post, the Northwest/Dupont Current, The Washingtonian Magazine and others.

    To the person who called are furniture “trash” we respectfully disagree with your “take” on our merchandise. To those who say they have heard that someone was treated rudely in our shop, we invite you and them to return. It is certainly not part of our business practice to be rude. Those who visit our shop from some of the other stores mentioned have been welcomed to the store and greeted upon entering just like we do everyone else. In fact we never even knew where they worked at the time they came to have a look at Hunted House. People who work for some of the other stores have even shopped at Hunted House. We have recommended stores like Good Eye and others to customers who were shopping for a piece that we didn’t have.

    Come in and see for yourself. The city is a lot different now than it was in past years. Newer people have come with different tastes and styles. A sign that Washington is more “grown up” is that there are more shops around town of all kinds to cater to the varying tastes and levels of income. Wherever you go, happy hunting!

  • WOW earlylate, thank you for taking me down memory lane! i loved going to neotiques and uniform back in the day. πŸ™‚

    for thos who don’t know, here are some links to the other stores people have been bloggin’ bout and more:

    RUFF & READY: no website. 1908 14th St NW

    bunch of great places in baltimore as well but they can be VERY pricey.

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