Mt. Pleasant House of the Day – Ready For Christmas

IMG_6102, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I think the tricycle sculpture on the lawn is newish. I never get tired of looking at this wild house.

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  • I think that sculpture’s been there for awhile. DC North did a whole article on that house and the couple that lives there within the last year.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Can you post a link to the article?

  • I once looked at renting a room there and the guy who owned the place (I guess) was sort of creepy. Also the inside is all dark wood panelling and virgin mary pictures.

  • Yeah, everytime we drive by this place my wife shreeks – she just hates the paint job!

  • I love that house. It is hideous in a fantastic sort of way, and the bicycles are cool. They have been there at least since I moved to DC, which was 5 months ago.

  • This Painted Lady is not exactly uncommon in the DC Area. The guy with the mohawk seems a lot creepier than he is in real life.

    The bike skulpture went up last spring. The bikes up on the walls went up around 2001.

  • DCer is dead on.

    i’ve been in DC since ’95.

    i used to live near that place around 2004.

    the bikes have been there for a long time.

    let’s do a poll.

    who’s been living in the ‘hood’ the longest?

    do most folks that contribute to this blog constitute DC as their home?

    how long have they lived here?

    i moved to dc in ’95, lived in cleveland park, bought a house in georgetown in ’99, sold in 2004 (or so), lived in 3636 16th street for a while, and bought my current pad in NE dc in/about 2006.

    i feel like a local.

    do you all feel like locals?

  • I feel like a local next to a lot of people.

    Then I talk to most of my neighbors. Many of them bought in 58 and 59.

  • Poo Poo- I never consider myself a local as I’ve only been here for two years. I self identify as a west coaster. Then some friends from Cali came to visit for a few days. I’d never felt more like an east coaster in my life. So I suppose I’m homeless.

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