MPD Light Tower

IMG_6127, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Someone asked last week what a light tower looked like. Well, this is it. I spotted this one on Girard St., which has been the home to a few shootings so hopefully this is helping.

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  • Although it isn’t painted in the ususal MPD colors!

  • See one ever week it seems at Delafield and 3rd. (My block.) It would really be annoying if I lived closer to that intersection. It’s like daylight down there. Since they seem to run it at least twice a month — perhaps it’s had no effect.

  • Seems like every time I pass Roosevelt High School’s football field at night it’s all lit up. I wonder if it’s for crime deterrence? I was driving by, but I glanced over a few times and I didn’t see anyone on the field or track.

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