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My steps are decrepit. The are very boring concrete with dozens of cracks. So how would you fix them? I like this example of slate and stone. But I also like red brick. What do you think are the best enhancements to steps?

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  • my steps are peeling blue paint and i hate them. I think slate looks the best, after maybe not painting the concrete in the first place (I think mine were painted with the cheapest paint available the week the house went on the market and now it’s just peeling off in sheets). I think brick would only work if your house was painted, otherwise you could never match the brick. Right now I think my best option would be to just sandblast the paint off my stairs and leave them plain, but I’m interested to hear if other people have painted stairs that don’t peel…let me know what you did.

  • Once again in the interest of architectural continuity, these steps are out of place. Stone steps of this appearance would be perfect on a home in the Intermountain West, or maybe a modern suburban home trying to imitate American Craftsman. They are not, however, the kind of steps that match a building of this age. Whoever did them did a very nice job, and the color connects with the paint on the building, but they do not match the architectural style of the building.

  • I too would like advice

  • TheNeighbor

    Susan…I too have blue paint pealing off of my steps, there must have been some crappy painter with extra blue paint running around knocking on doors last year.
    I have tried everything to get them to go back to concrete. I give up. I am actually going to take a sledge hammer to them this spring and replace them with nice 5′ wide wooden steps. I think with the house wide wooden front porch I have they would fit in with the style.

  • JayToo—

    Pour some advice over here- what steps would be “authentic”???

  • I would like to take a sledgehammer to my concrete back stoop (also painted blue 🙁 ) and replace it with a cool and totally not authentic deck. But that’s a future project…
    The wood porch + wood steps idea sounds good. Some of my neighbors have wood steps and they look good. Speaking of wood i would like to replace my iron pipe handrails and go back to the original wood porch and step railing style.

  • oh, i also just remembered…I saw a show on HGTV where they covered the steps of a rowhouse in LeDroit park with slate. That’s a historic district and the slate got approved, so I think it can look appropriate. Imagine the stairs above with slate on both the step top and front face instead of stone on the front face, and they would look a lot less arts & crafty…maybe a little more of a clean look suited for ~1920s rowhouses?

  • Slate–on TOP of the stairs–would probably pass HPRB, and yes they used slate on the top of these steps. But the facing stone looks completely suburban-imitation-Craftsman to me. I could be wrong, but that’s my opinion. If anyone has anything more specific, let us all know.

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