Just Plain Freaky

IMG_6257, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I had a complete conversation with this “kid” on Friday night on my walk home from Wonderland. On Saturday afternoon, on my walk to Columbia Heights Coffee, I learned the “kid” was a mannequin. But if memory serves we had a rather lengthy debate about the death penalty…

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  • as they say in internet speak… wtf

    that ish is most def freaky. some kid could have nightmares about it. or you may have them. i’d be interested in his take on the death penalty myself.

  • i walked by that one on new hampshire just last night and though it was kind of creepy too.

  • agreed, creepy. i walk by every night on the way home from metro. i think it was up last year too, but i forgot and still thought it was a real boy the first night i walked by.

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