It Still Looks Bad

IMG_6180, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

But at least they painted the brick below the pop up so it blends in a bit.

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  • Does it look like it’s leaning a little to the left, or are my eyes crooked?

  • A design like that is not going to be fixed by changing the colors. Lipstick on a pig.

  • They had to paint the brick to cover up the fact that that first floor window is a replacement that is about half the size of the original window (not that it isn’t obvious even with a paintjob).

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  • Every time I walk by this thing (it’s about 3 blocks from my house) I cringe. You just don’t get used to it. The clash in styles is unforgivable. For the love of Copernicus did they put those McMansion arch windows on the third floor? Why do the dormers have “legs” below them? Why did they use that fake slate roofing – on the side that’s 100% vertical? Even vinyl siding would look better.

    Maybe, like a transplant gone wrong, the main part of the house will reject it at some point. That is all we can hope for.

  • My immediate impression was also that it’s leaning to the left, but just the pop-up section … which, I agree, is pretty bad … especially those scaly-looking faux shingles …

  • someone is going to have to tear that off in about 15-20 years to fix the “bad redo”… unbearably ugly. what a shame.

  • It actually hurts me to look at it. Yes, it’s a terrible shame.

  • OK, I can’t believe I am saying this but I found a nice thing to say about this house. I walked by yesterday and noticed that the window bars are really nice. They are only on the windows in the alley but they are not like standard window bars and are more like a clover patterned frame that covers the window and juts out a little over the surrounding brick. I thought they looked very nice compared to standard bars, and weren’t as strange looking as some patterned bars I’ve seen.

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