Is That a Copper Third Story?

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What do you think of this renovation? These homes rest between an apartment building and a more traditional rowhouse. It’s got a bit of a modern vibe to it. I think I really like the copper. Is that wrong? What do you think, thumbs or thumbs down?

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  • It’s got an English Arts and Crafts style vibe with more simple details that make it more modern. I dig the copper roofs and dig them over all. Good find.

  • thumbs up

  • It will look particularly sweet when it get a nice green tinted patina.

  • TheNeighbor

    Best third floor addition so far……..

  • double thumbs up!

  • PoP’s been wandering around on Fairmont!!!! Actually, this isn’t a renovation at all, but completely new construction. I live right across the street from this–a year ago, that was an empty lot. Those guys have been working very hard on this and, from what I can tell from the outside, they will be very nice condos. I’d really love to take a look at the inside when they are done. The copper is super cool.

  • The copper looks great. But perhaps the most striking thing about this new construction that it did not consume the front yard as so many new buildings do (e.g. 3703 14th St, NW).

    Kudos on design, land-use restraint and a beautiful finished product.

  • thumbs up, it does a great job of being modern but reflecting the styles of the rowhouses nearby – I like the bands of rough stone above the windows like many of the rowhouses in dc have.

  • Beautiful. Those doing renovations/new buildings in the area should take note.

  • I tend to be very opposed to pop-up additons (even though this isn’t one) but if they all looked like this – I’d still have concerns about historic preseveration, but at least aethetics would no longer be an issue.

  • Huge thumbs-up! Looks very solid, and will definitely stand the test of time

  • thumbs way up! i think this is a great solution for a lot of 70s style, flat-roofed, brick condos and townhomes.

  • Rachel is totally right. I wish I had a “before picture” of this space. It was a trash strewn lot, with some dirt, rocks and oddly shaped pieces of concrete scattered about. Thumbs up since they fit in with the rest of theat block.

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