House of the Day

IMG_6304, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

What do you think of this super modern new row house? I think the window are right on. Do you think someone of the new architecture sticks out too much?

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  • this is very cool. it’s not so ‘distinct’ that it distracts from the traditional architecture. it actually compliments the older construction, by setting it off with it’s noveau lines, while following the “grid” of the older homes.

    this is tastefull, and complimentary.

    diversity in architecture can be pretty nice, if done with lots of forethought.

  • Love it! Sleek and modern, without being garish. Much better than those popups.

  • Looks nice! And awfuly narrow too, at least in the pic.. can you even put a bed sideways into that one? 🙂

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