Home Projects Vol. 16

100_0353, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This submission comes from an owner who’s fireplace was beyond repair. I like the look of the brick? They installed it themselves. See before picture after the jump.

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  • I’m not crazy about the look, personally. It makes me wonder if there’s a body behind it. What I don’t quite get, though, is the original picture. It’s already bricked up, but apparently, with different brick. Why didn’t they just leave the original? It looks better to me. But anyway, was this ever a real firelplace, or just a mantlepiece slapped on a wall? If it was actually a real fireplace, then I would have just taken the brick out and put an insert inside. At least it looks like a fireplace then, and you can stick stuff in there like candles or some kind of piece of art or something, I see people do that a lot with non-functioning fireplaces. Usually looks pretty cool.

  • I think it looks kind of odd too. What’s the point of it?

  • I’m guessing it was a once-functioning fire place that was bricked up to close it off. Much more energy efficient to do that than leave the whole system open, but I don’t really care for the look of it. to me, it looks like they just cleaned up the existing brick that was in there and repainted the mantle, no?

    I too get the hidden body vibe- makes me feel claustrophobic… Very Tell Tale Heart-ish.

  • Ah, yes…naturally one’s first inclination is a body hidden behind the wall. although, upon further review it appears to be a bit too small of a space for that purpose…combined with the concomitant problems of having a dead body in one’s wall, kind of rules that theory out. strange impression…remind me not to hang out at Jamie’s place!

    To my untrained eye, it doesn’t look like there was ever a fireplace there but rather a mantle surrounding an opening in the wall (quirks of an old house?). It also doesn’t appear to be actual masonry work but rather cut brick somehow stuck to the wall to give that look. too bad you can’t find this brick cut so it looks more like its actually been bricked in (i.e. cut thin side instead of wide side – see the original brick in the second picture). All in all, this seems to be a fairly basic, reasonable effort to take care of an eyesore. It isn’t perfect but doesn’t seem too bad of a solution at all.

    I always enjoy this site and the random views from the neighborhood and I applaud those that send in their efforts to improve their homes…keep ’em coming!

  • TheNeighbor

    I agree…..insert with candels or a vent-free kind of fireplace. Although I am not sure if that would be gas or something else.

  • Maybe they should paint a mural of a burning fire on the brick to take away from the “hidden body – claustrophobic” look!

  • I think I prefer the before. had more character. and I second everyone about just filling non-functioning fireplace with candles.

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