Holy Cow: Marvin Expanding

Marvin Expanding, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Wow, that was fast. Marvin the wildly successful new bar with the sweet outdoor space up top is set to expand. Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for tipping me off to the liquor licenses on the adjoining building next to Martin. You can see from the photo they will be expanding into the yellow structure. (Sorry for the quality of the photo but I only had my cell phone.) Obviously the space still needs a bit of work, so it is not clear when this addition will be open. From the liquor license it said the space will possibly have DJs and up to a five piece band. When I went into Marvin to inquire about the expansion they said that it will be part of Marvin but separate from the dining area. They wouldn’t/couldn’t go into detail about what the space will look like or when it will open. It’s not quite clear if it is going to be a totally separate space or connected in some way.  I’m intrigued by the potential. What do you guys think? Too early to expand? Or is this just what the doctor ordered?

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  • I think the next door space will be separate – complement Marvin but not really be an expansion of it. My impression is that it will be more true to Thievery/ESL music and vibe than Marvin. At least that was the plan, maybe the owners have new ideas brewing.

    They also have bought a building right around the corner across the alley from the old State of the Union, and have been working on the concept(s) for those spaces.

  • Wow, that’s exciting news!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks for the good info Bill! That corner of 14th St. is going to be phenomenal…

  • You know… I’d like to see them expand the phisycal size of Marvin. I like the standard cozy, converted rowhouse feel – naroow and tall, but I’d also like to have some of these places to be wider. After you’ve been to too many of these standard layouts, it becomes a little boring (space-wise) in my book. Let’s see what happens!

  • yea, i heard something along the lines of what bill c said, that its going to be a seperate spot. it used to house mad t music and if its just the first level its a pretty small space. no matter i’m looking forwards to seeing what happens.

  • though i hear this is less than exciting news for the people who live above marvin. it’s already a converted row house — converted into apartments!
    marvin already has done its fair share to push them out with some pretty loud music, but they’re going to have to move once they get the liquor license to put a nightclub downstairs. (that space, until a few months back, was a music store open during the day and closed at night.)

  • If you live on the corner of 14th and U, you have bigger worries than Marvin moving downstairs.

  • Maybe they could start offering brunch or lunch, like a nice normal restaurant, before spilling into nasty yellow buildings. Why would a place offer chicken and waffles on their menu and not open for weekend brunch?

  • This was mentioned in the Post story about Marvin. “Hilton took over the former Mad T Music Box record store next door to Marvin and plans to turn it into a small bar and lounge. It’ll open early next year.”

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